April 18, 2024

Did you get your Drupal site and run? Safe. Now it’s time to start ranking in Google.

Can rank on Google is important as much as it is? According to reports, the business is ranked first in Google gets 92% of consumer traffic.

It sounds like a good reason.

So what can you do to improve the SEO of your blog Drupal 8? Follow these five tips below to get started.

1. Download module Drupal Seo Checklist
If you do not have a background in SEO, you may be overwhelmed by all the information out there.

Why not install something that tells you what to do?

This will be done modules Drupal SEO checklist. Install it on your Drupal website, and it will tell you what you need to do on your site. Follow these steps to create a site that it provides optimized.

2. Create a meta tag
How does Google know about what your site? Of course, it is better to seek out itself.

But it was not always good at it. You can use the meta tag to let Google know this information.

Your meta information is what is shown in the search engines when visitors see it. Make sure the title, description and keyword meta tags you’re ready, so Google knows what must be shown by the search.

3. Optimize content for keywords
You should not start writing the content blindly. How do you know if your blog post is something you want to read those? Before you begin, use the Google Keyword Tool to see if people are searching for your topic in the search engines.

If so, then you have a topic that win. Optimize your blog posts for keywords so that you can reach people who are looking for information.

4. Set up SSL
Security is a big issue these days. There is a breach of data everywhere, and people are starting to take seriously the privacy.

Not difficult to secure your site. Services such as Letsencrypt will give you a free SSL certificate to secure your website.

Google wants you to do this as well. It is now a ranking factor for them. By installing SSL on your site, you send a good sign in to Google.

5. Optimize the speed of page
Page speed is more important than ever. With more and more people who surf the internet on your phone, you can not ask them waiting for your page to load.

Make sure you optimize your site so that load quickly on any device. This optimization will lead to people stuck together and did not go because they can not see your website.

Talk with Drupal web development shop to learn how you can do this.

Use these SEO tips to promote your blog Drupal 8
Drupal 8 has been there for a while. While some people may consider it as one of the old platform that has not continued to do so, this also means that it is developing well and can do whatever you need.

Use these SEO tips to get your Drupal blog ranked 8th in Google. You do a bit of work now for the results that will last a long time.