April 18, 2024

Well, that’s right, and for a good reason! Turkey is an amazing place to visit, and keep a blog when you are there is a great way to share your experiences with people at home. Not only that, but you will be able to see it back for years and remember your time there.

Read on for some tips on how to save a travel blog while in Turkey!

Have the specified blogging time
The first step to keeping a blog travel in Turkey is having a certain time set aside to be sent. This will stop you from delaying writing blog posts and holding you to upload consistently.

This time it doesn’t need every day – actually, two or three posts a week must be enough. Choose what day you want to upload and stay with it!

Write on your cellphone
That is said, the time you throw away to write a blog post can just be when you do a general transit. There is nothing better to do when you’re sitting on a bus or train, so you might whip your smartphone and start talking about your daily experience and cool things you have ever seen.

This will not only make it easy for blogs – you don’t even need to pay attention to your trip! – But it will also ensure that the things you write are fresh in your mind.

Take pictures to go by posting
The people at home will want to experience what you see rather than just reading their description. That’s why you want to put some pictures of cool things that you see with each blog post that you created.

See https://madeinturkeytours.com/history/ for some information about sightseeing in Turkey. On the tour offered by this site, you will see many extraordinary historical locations and artifacts that are photogenic enough to be uploaded to your blog.

Don’t live in a hostel
Many people traveling abroad will choose to stay in hostels, especially when you go somewhere that you don’t speak language. These buildings have many people living in the same room, who have benefits but also have weaknesses.

One of the biggest disadvantages to staying in a hostel is that you might be disturbed from writing and uploading blog posts. People will make noise around you and make you hard to focus. Instead, find a bed and breakfast that fits your budget and stay there.

Enjoy a fantastic trip
If you want to write a prominent travel blog, you must travel an extraordinary trip. Go to new places, try interesting things, and don’t dodge from unknown. Turkey is a place filled with unique cultural traditions, friendly locals, and authentic and interesting food. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

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