April 18, 2024

I need to converse with you about Puerto Rican Food Recipes. A subject precious to me. Growing up my mother and my grandma gave us the everyday food my family ate. In some cases when you are acclimated with something you underestimate it. Be that as it may, whenever I first invested a lengthy energy away from Puerto Rico I understood my home cooking was extraordinary.

In the event that you are in a Puerto Rican eatery or visiting Puerto Rico make certain to attempt a portion of these dishes:

1. Asopao de Pollo – A generous chicken soup with rice. There are different varieties like the one with shrimp or pigeon peas however for my cash, the chicken is the one.

2. Mofongo relleno de camarones – This is a Coincided plantain dish that is typically a side dish however on the off chance that you view as the one loaded down with shrimp or seafood count yourself a fortunate individual.

3. Arroz con Pollo – Rice and chicken a Puerto Rican food recipe exemplary.

4. Carne Frita – Broiled pork pieces. In the event that you find a spot that likewise includes some shriveled onion top this is an extraordinary find.

5. Chicharrones de Pollo – Pan fried chicken lumps, a scrumptious treat that can be eaten all alone as a starter or with rice and beans as a feast.

6. Pescado entero al Magic Isleño – Entire fish with a tomato onion sauce. In the event that you are in a waterfront town in Puerto Rico and they have this on the menu you will be extremely blissful you are familiar this extraordinary dish.

7. Tembleque – This is a treat like a light coconut custard shakes like Crystallize O. Consequently the name tembleque, which can be approximately deciphered as wiggling.

8. Arroz con Dulce – Sugar coated rice, one more treat exceptionally normal around Christmas however once in a while accessible the rest f the year.

So whenever you are in a Puerto Rican café or home and you get the opportunity to taste any of these extraordinary Puerto Rican food recipes count yourself fortunate and partake in the feast.