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Benefits Of The Eventleaf App

The Eventleaf app is an affordable and easy-to-use app that can be used by coordinators to organize various events like conferences, trade shows, business meetings, etc. With the use of the app, the stress of organizing and promoting events has been eased.

The app boasts several services which could be used to cater for any event easily. It includes: 

Registration for the event and sale of tickets

With the use of the app, events, no matter how big or small they are, can be registered and promoted without the usual stress that comes with arranging paperwork. The app helps to customize the event’s invitations, making them eye-catching as well as registering attendees and confirming the number of people to attend the event.

Print and scan event badges

The app makes the printing of an event badge effortless. With this, guests can produce evidence of their registration. Also, when having multiple events, guests do not need to sign in at every turn, the app makes check-ins simple.

The app makes it easy for attendees to sign themselves in without much fuss. They can scan the invite barcode which is sent to their email.

Manage events

With one tap, event tickets can be sold with the payment secured safely. The app makes it easy to manage and oversee events. It also offers an event check in app feature for the guests.

It suits various types of events and has easy language access

The app, with its friendly and helpful interface, can be used for any type of event, from conventions to training, even weddings. The app can, likewise, be used to arrange meetings. Also, the app boasts the most common languages, making it accessible for foreign guests to select their native languages, which is understandable to them.

Lead retrieval with a high return on investment

Another benefit of the app is the processing and capturing of sales leads by the exhibitors with the use of a retrieval device to scan codes or numbers to obtain guests’ data from the database. It is also a lead retrieval app and it promises ROI during this activity.

Other services include exporting the sales leads into any format of choice, performing surveys to rate efficiency and effectiveness, as well as creating and performing virtual events.

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