April 18, 2024

Within the IT world, the term API is ubiquitous. This is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is nothing more than a set of protocols, functions, and commands used by programmers. This type of pattern can be used in different ways by developers. Both to create software and to allow interaction with external applications.

What Are The Functions Of An API?

The main function of an API such as molecule is to streamline the development process. This is because programmers can have several functions available through this set of commands. That way, you don’t have to develop code from scratch. To make it easier to understand, let’s give an example. For example, when you use Uber, it automatically locates your address through GPS. It uses geolocation and the internet to capture location data. Then, through the APIs, the application interprets the information collected identifying your address. All this interaction is only possible through APIs. In general, we can say that these sets of standards simplify the work of both developers and the apps themselves.

API Types

There is currently a wide range of APIs. This is because it is possible to create different command sets to facilitate software development. It is very common for technology solution companies to opt for this type of dynamic when offering their products. That’s because it can maintain software with a standard code and later sell additional features that can be added through APIs.

What Are The Advantages Of Using This Type Of Innovation?

In addition to the fact that this innovation greatly facilitates the day to day of your IT team, your company can also have several other advantages, such as:

High Power Of Integration

APIs simplify the integration of solutions as well as the interaction of tools. This is because they can interpret different types of information and codes, whether internal or external, controlled and safe.

Internal Management

Through this type of set of standards, you can create a more solid database and consequently bring more security to the internal management of IT. APIs can be easily monitored and adjusted, thus preventing gaps that could harm your business.

Constant Updating In A Simplified Way

Another advantage of this innovation is that it allows the constant updating of its software such as molecule for instance, but simplified. This is because, through an API, it is possible to add resources to platforms, but without your team having to develop code from scratch.


Another advantage for those who hire solutions that use these standards is customization. Your software will have just the features and tools you need, without the need for cumbersome and complex code. In addition, the APIs help in monitoring needs, allowing your company to know what it needs.